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Gregg began his passion for drums while watching The Living Sound, a musical group that would come to his church every year in the late 60’s and early 70’s.  He would always stake out a spot on the front row where he had the best view of the drummer.  In fourth grade it was time to select an instrument and join the school band, however, you had to wait until fifth grade to play drums so he chose the coronet.  In junior high they were looking for someone to play the timpani’s so he jumped at the chance to join the world of percussion.  Also in junior high he joined a cover band called Bad Aspirations.


His youth pastor first brought drums into the church in the 80’s and Gregg would occasionally jump on the kit when no one (he thought) was looking.  When the drumming pastor moved and took his kit with him, the lead pastor’s wife approached Gregg and asked “If we buy drums, will you play them?”…..Gregg said “Yes” and the rest is history.


In the late 90’s he joined the Main Event Band comprised of local legends playing secular music in church along with local gigs.  It was playing with these pros that Gregg really developed his skills as a drummer.  He later joined a worship band called Voice of Truth playing local festivals and conferences.  Then came the text from Mark Maier (Blue Collar Men bassist) that changed everything.  He asked Gregg if he would like to join the band, to which Gregg replied “Yes”, and within three weeks he was on a plane with the rest of his new bandmates to El Paso, Texas for his first gig with the band.


Gregg’s had the honor to play with…….


  • Darrell Mansfield – Blues Hall of Fame / Hohnor Hall of Fame

  • Mic Gillette – Tower of Power

  • Bob Carlisle – Butterfly Kisses / Grammy Award Winner

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